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Working Safety → Ergonomics at Work

Ergonomics at Work

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Understand how to work and live better with this overview of ergonomic guidelines.

Parlay's popular ergonomics Kit includes all the vital information about ergonomics and tips.  Created to incorporate the new OSHA recommendations, this Kit is a must-have for all manufacturing and office employees and supervisors.

44 reproducible looseleaf pages - with binder


General Ergonomic Information
What Is Ergonomics?
Women and Ergonomics
Symptoms of Common Ergonomic Problems
Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Problems and Prevention
Working with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
An Inside View of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Exercises to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tennis Elbow
Stop Necking the Phone
Neck and Shoulder Relief
Sitting Pretty
Standing Tall: Overcoming Fatigue on Your Feet
Dealing with Low Back Pain
Stretch for a Healthy Back

Ten Exercises and Stretches
Preventing Eyestrain
Working Up Close
Treating Strains and Sprain on the Job
Workstation Ergonomics
Workstation Standards
Evaluating Workstation Equipment
Home Office Fix-Up
Inexpensive and Easy Ergonomic Solutions
Easy Ergonomic Solutions
Technology Integration
Equipment Maintenance
Ergonomics for Special Needs
School Ergonomics
Landscape and Gardening Ergonomics
Maintenance Ergonomics
Laboratory Ergonomics

Ergonomics Management
Shiftwork: Managing Fatigue
Ergonomic Facilities
Forming an Ergonomics Task Force
Needs Assessment, Program Evaluation and Audit
Ergonomics Training: Instituting In-House Ergonomic Programs
OSHA Occupational Standards: Six Program Elements
Standards for Manufacturing and Manual Handling Jobs
Ergonomic Risk Analysis
Ergonomics Training
Hazard Information and Reporting
Success Stories

Terms and Definitions
Conditions and Risk Factors
Solutions Checklist
Event Report Sheet

2630KK Kopy-Kit Price: $90.00