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General Health → Wellness by the Month, Volume 1

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Wellness by the Month, Volume 1

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Health promotions materials for every month of the year.

From Healthy Weight Week in January to World Aids Day in December, you'll be ready with health promotion material every month of the year. By linking your monthly plan to the bigger national health observation months, your messages will get the added punch of national media coverage of the topics. The year plans itself with this complete kit.

135 reproducible pages in 2 formats:
-pdf files (CD-ROM)
-looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)


Healthy Weight Week
Weight-How Much Is Too Much?
Safe Weight Loss
Tips to Help You Control Your Weight
Height/Weight Charts
National Eye Care Month
You Can Do Something About Eyestrain
Protecting Yourself From Eye Hazards
First Aid for Eye Injuries

National Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week
Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe in an Automobile
Choosing a Safe Car Seat
American Heart Safety Month
Making Heart-Healthy Choices
Eating for a Healthy Heart
Preventing Heart Disease Through Diet, Exercise and Risk Reduction
Heart Disease-Are You at Risk?

American Diabetes Alert
Diabetes: Warning Signs and Ways to Reduce Your Risk
Can You Prevent Diabetes
National Poison Prevention Week
Protect Against Poisoning
National Nutrition Month
Nutrition: Eat Well for a Healthy Body
Build Your Own Food Pyramid
Reading Food Labels
Talking to Your Kids About Nutrition

National Infant Immunization Week
Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month
Safe Sex Lessens the Risk of STDs
National Alcohol Awareness Month
Alcohol and Your Health
Intervention: Another Way to Say 'I Love You'
Alcohol in the Workplace
National Cancer Control Month
The Cancer-Preventing Lifestyle
Diet and Cancer Risk
Seven Warning Signs of Cancer
Does Stress Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

World No Tobacco Day
Childhood Depression Awareness Day
Depression: Warning Signs and Ways to Help
Your Child Overcome It
National Safe Kids Week
National Alcohol and Other Drug-Related Birth Defects Week
Substances to Avoid When You're Pregnant
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: What It Is and Why It's Important
National Buckle Up America Week
Safety Belts Can Save Your Life
Safety Belts and Safety Seats-Crucial Driving Equipment
Safety Belts Keep the Family Together (poster)
National Safe Boating Week
Staying Safe on Your Boat
Better Sleep Month
Sleeping Well: Tips to Overcome Insomnia
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
Allergies: 15 Ways to Relief
National High Blood Pressure Education Month

High Blood Pressure: What It Is and How to Manage It
High Blood Pressure and Nutrition: Lowering Salt Consumption
Treating High Blood Pressure
National Arthritis Month
Arthritis: Tips for Coping
National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month
Skin Cancer: How to Protect Yourself
National Mental Health Month
Steps to Mental Fitness
Being Your Best: A Mental Health Overview
National Stroke Awareness Month
Stroke: What You Need to Know
Stroke: Lifesaving Steps
Are You at Risk for a Stroke
National Osteoporosis Prevention Month
Osteoporosis: Steps You Can Take to Prevent It
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
Take Time for Fitness
Developing a Personal Fitness Plan
Cross Training
Preventing Fitness Injuries

National Safety Month
Workplace Safety Week
Making Your Work Area Safe for You
Safety Matters: Even in an Office
Talk to Your Coworkers About Safety
Safety Means No Fooling Around
Home Safety Week
Home Safety and Injury Prevention: Test Your Knowledge
What Do You Know About Home Fire Safety?
Household Chemicals-Safe Use, Storage, and Disposal
How to Childproof Your Home
National Men's Health Week
Selecting a Urologist
Testicular Self-Examination
Enlarged Prostate Gland: What You Should Know
First Aid and Community Safety Week
First Aid for Common Injuries
Your First Aid IQ
First Aid for Office Emergencies
Fireworks Safety Month
Holiday Safety: FireworksNational Headache Awareness Month
Headaches: Ways to Stop the Pain

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
Lead: Keeping It Out of Your Life
Lead Poisoning: How to Protect Your Child

World Breast-Feeding Week
Breast-Feeding and Work
Foot Health Month
Foot Problems: How to Find Relief
Cooling Off Burning Feet
Protecting Your Feet From Hazards
Foot Injuries

National Prostate Cancer Awareness Week
Prostate Cancer: What You Should Know
Cold and Flu Campaign
Cold and Flu: Remedies to Combat Them
Healthy Aging Month
Living Longer, Living Better
Aging Actively
Fit at Any Age
Retirement: Tips to Help You Adjust
National Alcohol and Drug Treatment Works! Month
Residential Treatment Programs: What to Expect
Coming Home: Life After Treatment
National Food Safety Education Month
Food Poisoning: Avoid Letting It Happen to You

National Cholesterol Education Awareness Month
Understanding Cholesterol
Nutrition and High Blood Cholesterol
Cholesterol Testing

National Fire Prevention Week
Reduce Fire Hazards
A Guide to Worksite Fire Safety
Smoke Detectors Save Lives
Fire Extinguishers: Valuable Tools for the Office
National Depression Screening Day
Depression: Understanding the Disorder
Climbing Out of Depression
Relieving Depression
National Radon Action Week
Radon: Facts and Fiction 98
National AIDs Awareness Month
Child Health Month
Selecting a Pediatrician: What to Look For
Infectious Childhood Diseases: What They Are and How Your Child can Avoid Them
Colic and Your Body
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer: Who's at Risk?
Breast Self-Examination: A Simple Routine That Could Save Your Life
National Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): What You Should Know
National Spinal Health Month
What Makes a Healthy Back?
How to Keep Your Back Problem-Free
Four Exercises to Strengthen Your Back
Backaches: Ways to Treat and Avoid the Pain
National Dental Hygiene Month
Keep Your Teeth
Something to Smile About: Maintaining a Healthy Mouth
Tartar and Plaque: 18 Ways to Care for Your Teeth
Dental Care for Children: How to Promote Good Oral Hygiene
Talk About Prescriptions Month
Using Medicines Safely
Medicines and Drugs-A Safety Checklist
National Crime Prevention Month
Don't Be a Crime Victim
Avoiding and Dealing with Street Crimes
National Family Sexuality Education Month
Don't Be a Crime Victim
Avoiding and Dealing With Street Crimes
National Family Sexuality Education Month
Talking to Your Kids About Sex
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Domestic Violence: What the Signs Are and How to Get Help
Help for Abused Women

Great Amercian Smokeout
The Great Amercian Smokeout
The Dangers of Nicotine Addiction
Self-Help Groups for Smokers
Do You Have to Gain Weight If You Quit Smoking?
National Diabetes Education Month
National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month
Alzheimer's Disease: What You Should Know
Child Safety and Protection Month
Ways to Play Safely
Choosing a Safe Bed for Your Baby
Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Water
When Your Child's School Gets Dangerous

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