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Youth Wellness → Life SkillBuilders for Young Adults

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Life SkillBuilders for Young Adults

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Help pre-teens and teens navigate the transition years.

Written and designed exclusively for early, mid and late teens, Life SkillBuilders for Young Adults is a collection of facts, quizzes and worksheets to help young people understand the changes in their life and prepare for adulthood. This book is ideal for counseling, structured group exercises or as an activity workbook.
96 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
-pdf files (CD-ROM)
-looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)


Stages and Attitudes
Growing Up: What Does It Mean?
Adolescence: Between Childhood and Adulthood
Teen Passages
Hormonal Changes
Emotional Changes
Exploring Feelings
Physical Changes
Viewpoint and Attitude Changes
Defining Boundaries

Family Relationships Changing Families
Extended Families
Relating to Your Parents
Communication: Loose Connections
House Rules
Discipline and Punishment
Earning Respect and Independence
Sibling Relationships
Exploring Loss and Grief
Family Stress

Developing Your Own Personality
Exploring Personal Interests
Self-Assessment: Knowing Yourself
Building Self-Esteem
Laughing Matters
Keeping Commitments
Asking for Help
Influential People: Heroes and Role Models
How Are Friends Valuable?
Making New Friends
Being Popular

Peer Pressure
Resisting Peer Pressure
Positive Peer Pressure
Groups and Cliques
Avoiding Gangs
Teen Life School Days
Work Experience
Juggling Extra-Curricular Activities
Managing Homework and Fun
Doing Chores
Making Time for Yourself
Four Keys to Handling Academic Pressure
Studying Smarter
Comparing Lifestyles
Body Image and Eating Disorders
The "Right" Weight
Food Diaries: Tracking Your Eating Habits
Playing It Safe
Drugs and Alcohol: Respecting Your Body
Drugs and Alcohol: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Drugs and Alcohol: Myth or Fact
Sexual Feelings
Love and Sex
STDs: Be Informed and Protected
Understanding AIDS
Using Birth Control

Life's Lessons
Critical Eye: Analyzing Media Persuasion
Television and Media Influence
Television: Plugging In, Tuning Out
Surfing the Net

Living in a Multimedia World
Respect and Tolerance
Apologizing and Shame: Recognizing You're Wrong
Rules, Rules, Rules
Asserting Your Rights
Asserting Yourself: How Do You Score?
Saying No
Sending a Message: Clear Communication
Receiving a Message: Listening Skills
Non-Verbal Communication: Body Language
Confidence and Positivity
What Is Anger?
Controlling Anger
Handling Responsibilities
Earning and Losing Trust
Conflict Resolution: What's Your Style?
Managing Fear
Handling Disappointment
Handling the Blues
Suicide: Warning Signs
Stress and Adolescence
Assessing Your Stress

Your Promising Future
Six Rules for Making Better Decisions
Tools for Success
Visioning the Future
Values: Guiding Principles
Managing Your Money
Money Basics
Setting and Reaching Goals
Problem Solving: Preventing Tunnel Vision
Planning Ahead: College, Trade School or Work?
Career Choices-What Do I Want to Be?

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2530KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00