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Productivity and Leadership → Satisfying Customers

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Satisfying Customers

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A complete kit for teaching skilled, attentive customer service.

Ideal for anyone in the people business, this comprehensive set of training sheets covers all the key areas: understanding customer's motivations, emotions and triggers; building rapport; turning around a negative situation; staying motivated, keeping promises and providing the kind of excellent customer service that keeps them coming back.
96 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
- PDF files (CD-ROM)
- Looseleaf pages with binder (Kopy Kit)


Customers and You
Who are Your Customers?
Why Customers are Important
Has the Internet Made Customer Service obsolete?
You're in the People Business
Good Service isn't Enough
Internal Customers Count
The Upside-Down Pyramid
Know Your Priorities
You're the Expert
Get the Details Right
When You Don't Know the Answer
Leave Your Ego at Home
Anticipate Problems
Do it Right the First Time
Keep Your Promises
Keep Them Posted
What Makes Customers Come Back?
Keep Your Work Area Clean
Desk Organization Tips
How to Be a Problem Solver
Take the Initiative
A Do-It-Yourself Performance Review

Improving Communication
Common Communication Mistakes
Find Your Customer's Communication Style
Better Listening Skills
Ask the Right Questions
Get the Facts Fast
The Right and Wrong Way to Give Bad News
Tips for Getting Customer Feedback
Smile on the Telephone

Don't Play Phone Tag
Five Steps to Mastering the Phone
How to Build Rapport on the Phone
Understanding Customers with Accents on the Phone
Make Voice Mail Work for You
Hi-tech Etiquette
Six ways to Improve Your E-mail Messages
E-mail Etiquette
Simple Language is Best
Write Letters That Work
Communication Tips for a Multi-Cultural Age
Body Language Tells a Story
Do's and Don'ts for Eye Contact

Handling Customers
First Impressions Count
Pay Attention to Your Customers
Use Their Name
Discretion is Key
Things That Annoy Customers
Acknowledge Your Customers
Every Customer Deserves Respect
How to Cure Buyer's Remorse
How to Handle Those Busy Times
How to Handle Lines
Five Steps for Handling a Crisis
How to Say No to a Customer
What Happens When Customers are Dissatisfied?
When the Customer is Wrong
Don't Put Them Down
How to Deal with Rude Customers
How to Handle an Angry Customer
Six Tips for Handling Verbal Attacks

How to Handle Interruptions
When to Break the Rules
Some Customers are Special
"Thank You" Means a Lot
Do Something Nice For Your Customers

Career and Business Tips
Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
How to Handle Mistakes
You're Part of a Team
The 80/20 Rule
Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
Five Steps to Working Smarter
Find a Better Way
Spark Your Creativity
Get Enthused About Your Company
Think Like an Entrepreneur
Act Like a Professional
Imitate the Winners
Five Steps to Less Stress
Keep up to Date
Project a Professional Image
When You do a Good Deed, Let Them Know
Word of Mouth Advertising
You're in Sales
Cross-Selling Helps Everyone
Features and Benefits
Don't Forget Them After the Sale
Think of the Customer's Lifetime Value
Pass Along Customer Feedback
What Separates You From the Competition?
You're the Radar for Your Company
Avoiding Boredom and Burnout
How to Ask for Referrals
Tips for Staying Healthy
Don't Strain Your Voice
A Checklist For a Better Appearance

2520CD CD-ROM Price: $135.00 
2520KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00