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All About Backs

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A practical guide for prevention and treatment of back injury, pain and more.

This kit serves as a practical back owners' guide. Ideal for workers in all settings, as well as for people with back problems, as an easy way to help them prevent or recover from back injuries. Topics includes all aspects of back health, including basic anatomy, illustrated exercises and stretches, proper lifting techniques, prevention and treatment of injury, pain-relief and more.

96 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
-pdf files (CD-ROM)
-looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)

General Back Facts
What Makes a Healthy Back?
Your Three Natural Curves
What's in Your Back?
Understanding Your Back: Getting With the Systems
Disc Facts
Understanding Your Spine
Who Gets Backaches?
Back Facts-How Much Do You Know?
Your Back Starts Here:
Your Footbone's Connected to Your Backbone
Anatomy: Your Spine
Anatomy: Lumbar With Disc
Anatomy: Superficial Muscles of the Back
Anatomy: Deep Muscles of the Back
Anatomy: Central and Peripheral Nervous System
For Women Only: Taking Care of Your Back
For Men Only: Taking Care of Your Back

Your Aching Back
Low Back Pain: A Modern Epidemic
Sprains, Strains, Muscle Spasms
Facet Joint Syndrome
Spinal Degeneration: An Aging Process
Scoliosis: Early Detection Is Important
Sciatica: Pain That's Hard to Pinpoint
Muscle Tension
Getting Stress Off Your Back: What to Do About Stress-Related Back Pain
The Stress-Tension-Pain Cycle: How Tension Contributes to Back Pain and Headache
Who's in Charge? Is Back Pain Controlling Your Life?
Causes of Back Pain

Back on the Job
On-the-Job Injury Facts
Bad Backs Mean Big Bucks
For Employers: Preventing Workplace Back Injuries
Preventing Reinjury: How "Work Hardening" Reduces Your Risk
Sitting Pretty at Your Desk
Back in Your Seat: How to Move in Your Chair
The Mechanics of Lifting
Lifting Basics
Lifting-From Start to Finish
Lifting Awkward Loads
The Biomechanics of Lifting-Poster
Lifting Poster
Stress-Free Shoveling
On-the-Job Back Savers
On the Job: Back Safety for Healthcare Workers

Preventing Back Problems
A Stronger Back: It's Yours for the Making
Chronic Low Back Pain: Can You Reduce Your Risk?
Biomechanics to Protect Your Back
Good Body Mechanics for Daily Activities
Balanced Posture for Health and Comfort
What You Can Do to Protect Your Back: While Traveling
What You Can Do to Protect Your Back: In the Yard and Garden
What You Can Do to Protect Your Back: At Home
What You Can Do to Protect Your Back: In Your Car
Maintaining Back Health During Pregnancy
"Raising" Your Baby: Back Care Tips for New Parents
Basic Back Saving Tips
Care for Back Problems
Self-Care for Backache and Stiff Neck
How to Handle Your Back Problem
Managing Back Pain
Using Your Breath to Support and Relieve Your Back

Getting Relief From Back Pain
First Aid for Minor Back Injuries
First Aid for Neck and Spine Injuries
Back Alert
Talking About Back Pain: Getting Through to Your Healthcare Professional
Alternative Care Options: Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
Which Treatment Is Right for You?
Common Diagnostic Tests
Is Surgery for You?
Common Spinal Surgeries
Surgery: Post-Operative Recovery
Back Fitness
Why Exercise Is Good for Your Back
Exercises to Prevent Back Pain
Exercises for the Deskbound
Exercises for a Healthy Back During Pregnancy
Aerobic Exercise
Walking Your Way Back To Fitness
Water Works Wonders-Exercises
Stretching: The Hows and Whys of Stretching
Stretching: Maintaining Spinal Health
Stretching: Back Muscles and Hamstrings
Stretching: Back and Shoulder Stretches
Stretching: Upper Spine and Neck Stretches
Stretching: Lower Back Stretches
Stretching: Hip, Lower Back and Buttock Stretches
Stretching: Sitting and Standing
Stretching: Exercises to Relieve Pain
Stretching: Body Ball Basics
Stretching: Body Ball Exercises
Strength Training: Why Your Back Needs It
Strength Training: Lower Back, Legs and Abdominals
Strength Training: Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck
Relief and Recovery: Exercises to Rehabilitate Your Back
Relief and Recovery: Restoring your Neck's Range of Motion
Workout Log Sheet

2400CD CD-ROM Price: $135.00 
2400KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00