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Substance Abuse → Healthier People

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Healthier People

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Create a pro-active wellness program with these easy-to-understand information pages.

Good health begins with education.  This kit covers a broad range of health and wellness topics. The topic pages include everything from skin cancer to healthy eating, from whole body fitness to quitting smoking, and from back pain to grief management. This is an easy, effective way to address and inform a class or audience about a wide range of common health issues.
96 reproducible pages in 2 formats:
-pdf files (CD-ROM)
-looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)
Health in General
Living Longer, Living Better
How You Can Improve the Odds
Small Changes Net Big Results
Don't Touch That Dial!
Leaving the TV Off Can Improve Your Health
You Don't Have to Floss All of Your TeethJust the Ones You Want to Keep
Growing Good Teeth and Gums
: Guidelines for Parents
: The State of the Syndrome
Air Pollution Comes Home
Getting a Handle on Stress
Cooling Off Burning Feet
Twenty Tips for a Good Night's Sleep
Saving Your Skin
The Real Cancer Culprits
10 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself from Cancer
Anti-Cancer Battle Plan
Chart Your Family Medical History
Health Risk Appraisal
How Long Will You Live?
Health Interest Survey
Height/Weight Charts

Diet and Nutrition
How Well Do you Know Your Nutrients?
Vegetable Superstars
Great Grains
When Your Doctor Says "Low Sodium"
Getting the Upper Hand on "Snack Attacks"
Food Labels and Packaging
The Low-Fat Solution
The Story of Fat
Twenty Things You Can Do to Reduce Dietary Fat
A Look at "Pyramid Power"
The New Comfort Foods
Protein Primer
Some Known and Little Known Facts About Calcium
Some Known and Little Known Facts About Dietary Fiber

Exercise and Fitness
Injuries-Self-Care and Beyond
Fit Parents/Unfit Kids
Active Aging
Add Some Muscle to Your Weight Control Plan
Exercise and Your Risk of Heart Attack
Exercise and High Blood Pressure
Exercise and Diabetes
Exercise and Back Pain
Exercise and Addiction Recovery
Bringing Back the Daily Constitutional
Common Myths About Exercise
The Well-Clad Foot
Whole Body Fitness
: Cardiovascular Conditioning
Whole Body Fitness: Strength Training
Whole Body Fitness: Flexibility
You're Never Alone When You Pursue Fitness

Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
Is Alcoholism Inherited?
Captive Drinkers
The Tragedy of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
The Violent Trail of Alcohol
Intervention-Another Way to Say "I Love You"
Media Images of Alcohol
Is Alcohol Your Children's Drug of Choice?
It May be Medicine, but It's Still a Drug
Who Wins, Who Loses?
Helping Your Kids Say "No" to Drugs
The Elderly and the Dangers of Drug Interactions
Medications and Kids
Avoiding Food and Medicine Interactions
The Addictive Power of Nicotine
Smokers Are Well-Connected (poster)
Do You Have to Gain Weight if You Quit Smoking?
Media Images of Tobacco

Mind and Body
Climbing Out of Depression
Affirmations for Parents
Affirmations for Parents of Teens
Affirmations for Children of Aging Parents
Affirmations for Personal Success
Taking Risks
Remember the Good Times
Laugh, It's Good for You
Coping With a Serious Loss
The Tragedy of Youth Suicide
Are You Your Own Best Friend?
A Month's Worth of Stress Busters
Freeing Yourself From the Pressures of Spending
Getting Past Anger
Letting Go of Worry and Anxiety

Personal Safety
Thank You, Henry Heimlich
Drown-Proofing Your Kids
Why You Should Learn CPR
Food Poisoning
Avoid Letting It Happen To You
Test Your Fire Safety Know-How
A Quiz for Adults
Talking to Your Kids About Fire Safety
The Problem-Free Back
Put the Brakes on Back Pain
Taking Care of Strains and Sprains
Test Your Driving Safety Savvy
On The Defensive While On the Road
Safety Seats Show You Care About Your Children
Wear Your Bike Helmet, Save Your Life
None for the Road
How Much Do You Know About Safety Belts?
Boats and Booze
: A Dangerous Combination

2340CD CD-ROM Price: $135.00 
2340KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00