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Working Safety → Construction Safety

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Construction Safety

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Extensive set of materials for construction safety training that works.

Built with industry experts, this kit addresses the special needs of the construction industry. Help workers stay safe: with hazardous materials and electricity; when using tools and machinery; when behind the wheel; in confined spaces and in other specific situations. Improve general safety awareness and reduce accidents and injuries.

Also available in Spanish or Bilingual versons!

110 reproducible looseleaf pages - with binder

Working With Hazardous Materials
Know the Hazard Communication Standard
What Makes Hazardous Materials Hazardous?
HazCom Quiz
Recognizing and Understanding Hazardous Chemical Warning Labels
Material Safety Data Sheets
The NFPA Diamond and HMIS Labels
Incompatible Chemicals
Working Safely With Flammable Liquids
Responding to Emergencies Involving Flammables
Working Safely With Solvents
Responding to Emergencies Involving Solvents
Working Safely With Corrosives
Responding to Emergencies Involving Corrosives
Working Safely With Reactives
Responding to Emergencies Involving Reactives
Working Safely With Poisons
Responding to Emergencies Involving Poisons
Working Safely With Oxidizers
Working Safely With Compressed Gases
Chemical Leaks and Spills
Responding to Chemical Burns
Working With Chemical Drums
Lead Safety
Asbestos Safety
Working Safely With Paint
Preventing Explosions

Using Personal Protective Equipment
Suit Up for Safety
Dress for the Job-PPE Checklist
PPE for Chemical Exposure
Save Your Sight
Protect Your Face
Keep Your Head
Protect Your Lungs
Respirator Fit and Maintenance
Protect Your Hearing
Keep Your Hands Safe
Protect Your Feet

Using Tools, Equipment and Machinery
Know the Rules of Forklift Safety
Preventing Forklift Accidents
Loading and Unloading Forklifts Safely
How to Use Dollies and Hand Trucks Safely
Cornerstones of Crane Safety
Working Safely With Pipe
Using Wheelbarrows Safely
Welding and Cutting Safety
Use Machine Guards for Safety
Watch Out for Pinch Points
Using Hand Tools Safely
Using Power Tools Safely
Using Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Liquid Fuel Tools Safely
Using Powder-Actuated Tools Safely
Staying Safe Around Scaffolds
Using Grinders Safely
Keys to Ladder Safety
Lockout/Tagout Is Serious Business
How Much Do You Know About Lockout/Tagout?
Operating Heavy Equipment Safely

Working With Electricity
Understanding Electricity and Conductivity
Working Near Overhead Power Lines
Arcing: What You Should Know
Preventing Electrical Fires and Explosions
What to Do About Electrical Shocks and Burns
Why Electrical Grounding Is Important
Fifteen Things to Remember When Working With Electricity

Working Safely In Confined Spaces
Confined Spaces and You
How Much Do You Know About Confined Spaces?
Confined Space Hazards: Engulfment, Physical Conditions and Oxygen Deficiency or Enrichment
Confined Space Hazards: Toxic Contaminants and Explosive or Combustible Atmosphere
Confined Space Entry Permits
Testing and Monitoring the Atmosphere
Controlling the Atmosphere
Hot Work and Confined Spaces
Confined Spaces: Know Your Role
Be Prepared for a Confined Space Emergency
Trenching Safety

Avoiding Accidents and Injuries
The Price of Accidents
Always Be on the Lookout for Hazards
Fall Protection for Scaffold Work Equipment
Beware of Extreme Temperatures
Beware of Stairs and Slippery Surfaces
Horseplay Can Be Deadly
Working Safely Around Holes and Other Openings
Beware of Puncture Wounds
Watch Out for Fatigue
Strains and Sprains: What You Should Know
Lifting Basics
How Much Do You Know About Back Safety?
Tips for Lifting and Moving Awkward Loads

Driving and Vehicle Safety
Know Your Driving Personality
Keep Your Distance
Surviving the Storm
Tips for Driving in Bad Weather
Vehicle Safety on the Site
Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist
Prevent Collisions: Drive Defensively
Take It Easy Behind the Wheel
Fill 'er Up-Safely

General Safety Awareness
The Importance of Hazard and Job Safety Analysis
Knowing Your Job
Know Your Emergency Action Plan
Fire Extinguishers: They're Not All Alike
Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility
A Clean Job Site Is a Safe Job Site
Alcohol and Other Drugs Spell Trouble On and Off the Job
Protect Your Skin
Avoid Hazards in Nature
First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens
Shift Work Dangers
Safe Sidewalks, the Public and You
Fire Prevention at the Site
Safety Meeting Notes

2290KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00