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Health Skillbuilders

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Inform and energize your audience with these engaging worksheets and quizzes.

This collection of quizzes, worksheets and fact sheets helps people take control of their health through appropriate nutrition, fitness and mental health habits. Health SkillBuilders was designed to involve and educate individuals in identifying and improving health attitudes, skills and behaviors. This is a complete tool for health education that works!

96 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
-pdf files (CD-ROM)
-looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)

Good Health Basics
Cornerstones of Good Health
Assessing Your Health Risks
Getting the Most from Your Doctor Visit
Chart Your Family Medical History
Family Medical Records
Family Medicine Records
Watch Out for Food-Medicine Interactions
Keeping That Healthy Glow: How to Care for Your Skin
Something to Smile About: Maintaining a Healthy Mouth
Weathering Winter Illnesses
Is Your Home Healthy?
Family Safety Assessment

Nutrition Basics
Basics of Good Nutrition Quiz
Understanding Food Labels
What Do You Know About Protein?
Getting Creative With Beans and Legumes
You Can Eat Eggs and Meat
What Do You Know About Carbohydrates?
Not Just Rice and Wheat
What Do You Know About Fat?
Fat Calorie Percentage Worksheet
Ways to Cut the Fat
Fat-Free Foods
Fiber-Grandma Called It "Roughage"
Rediscovering Vegetables
Daily Values-What Do They Mean?
Should You Take Supplements?
Calcium: Are You Getting Enough?
How Many Calories Do You Need?
Understanding High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure and Nutrition-Lowering Salt Consumption
Understanding Cholesterol
Nutrition and High Blood Cholesterol
Eating to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Eating Well
Making the Most of Snack Attacks
Your Comfort Foods
Understanding Your Sweet Tooth
Changing Your Food Habits
What Turns on Your Appetite?
Using a Food Diary
Build Your Own Food Pyramid
Should You Go on a Diet?
Menu Planner
Your Children's Nutrition
When You Shop for Food
You Can Eat Well for Less
Beware of Nutrition Fads
What About "Health Food"?
Vegetarianism-Is It Good Nutrition?

Fitness Skills
Exercise and Your Health
Exercise Quiz
Before You Begin...
The Three Elements of Exercise
Step, Flexibility and Strength Tests
Setting Fitness Goals
Find Your Target Heart Rate
Exercise Diary
Choose Exercise That's Fun
Fitness at Home
Exercise and Your Back
Raising Fit Children
Aging Actively
Take the Stairs-and Other Lifestyle Changes to Increase Fitness
Preventing Fitness Injuries
For Exercise Injuries-Have Some R.I.C.E.
101 Ways to Get Fit

Living With Stress
Are You Stressed?
What's Stressing You Out?
Anger Assessment
Dealing With Anxiety
Stress and Your Health
The Stress-Exercise-Diet Connection
How Stressed Is Your Family?
Stress Management Techniques: Visualization
Deep Breathing
The Massage/Stretch Break
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Changing Your Thought Patterns
Changing the Way You Work
A Personal Approach

Taking Charge
Start Small: Choosing Attainable Health Goals
Making Changes That Stick
The Cancer-Preventing Lifestyle
Heart Disease-Are You at Risk?
Heart Attack: Do You Know the Warning Signs?
Preventing Heart Disease
Can You Prevent Diabetes?
Speed Up Your Metabolism
Alcohol and Your Health
Drugs and Your Health
After You Quit Smoking
TV and Your Health
What's Keeping You Awake?
Home Safety and Injury Prevention
Preventing Food Poisoning
Choose Exercise That's Fun
Increasing Fitness With Lifestyle Changes
Why Warm Up and Cool Down?
Eat, Drink and Be Fit
Preventing Fitness Injuries
Shattering Exercise Myths

2270CD CD-ROM Price: $135.00 
2270KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00