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Family Wellness → Self-Care

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A comprehensive collection of self-care procedures and wellness topics.

This kit is a comprehensive collection of health and wellness topics that is ideal for everyone.  The topics range from minor injuries to skin and muscle and joint problems. You'll find out how to treat burns, bee stings and backaches as well as other common problems. Also includes a general section about staying healthy.

56 reproducible looseleaf pages - with binder


Minor Injuries andamp; Emergencies
Bruises: Four Ways to Ease the Pain
Burns: Six Steps for Relief

Cuts and Scrapes: Five Steps to Healing

Fainting: What to Do About It

Fatigue: How to End It

Fever: Ways to Fight a Fever

Frostbite: Protect Yourself From the Cold

Heat Exhaustion and Stroke: Tips to Beat the Heat

Heimlich Maneuver: How and When to Use It

Hyperventilation: How to Overcome It

Hypothermia: How to Warm Up

Nosebleeds: How to Stop the Flow

Puncture Wounds: How to Treat Them

Head, Throat andamp; Chest Problems
Allergies: 15 Ways to Relief

Colds and Flu: Remedies to Combat Them

Coughs: How to Get Rid of Them

Headaches: Ways to Stop the Pain

Laryngitis: Remedies to Soothe the Problem

Nasal Congestion: How to Breathe Easier

Sore Throat: How to Ease the Pain

Swollen Lymph Nodes: What They Mean

Digestive Tract Problems
Constipation: Solutions for a Common Problem
Diarrhea: Tips for Fast Relief

Flatulence: How to Get Rid of Gas

Food Poisoning: How to Ride It Out

Heartburn: Tips to Stop the Pain

Hemorrhoids: How to Cope With Them

Nausea and Vomiting: How to Deal With an Uncomfortable Problem

Eye andamp; Ear Problems
Conjunctivitis: Find Relief From Pinkeye

Earaches: Tips to Ease the Pain

Styes: What to Do if You Have One

Swimmer's Ear: Tips for Relief and Protection

Skin Problems
Acne Remedies for Healthier Skin

Athlete's Foot: How to Get Rid of It

Blisters: How to End the Pain and Start the Healing

Boils: Tips to End the Suffering

Eczema: Ways to Stop the Itch

Hives: How to Get Fast Relief

Insect and Animal Bites and Stings: Tips to Ease the Pain and Prevent Infection

Itching: What You Can Do to Stop It

Rashes: How to Clear Them Up

Sunburn :12 Cooling Ways to Relief

Warts: How to Make Them Disappear

Muscle andamp; Joint Problems
Backaches: Ways to Treat and Avoid the Pain

Muscle Pain: How to Get Relief

Stiff Neck: Tips to Get the Kinks Out

Strains and Sprains: Ways to Relieve the Pain

Tendinitis: How to Soothe the Problem

Mouth, Teeth andamp; Gums
Canker and Cold Sores: Ways to Soothe the Pain

Tartar and Plaque: 18 Ways to Care for Your Teeth

Toothache: 10 Ways to Take Away the Pain

Staying Healthy
Fitness Exercise for Health
Nutrition Eat Well for a Healthy Body

Stress Reduction: Relax Your Way to Health

Sleeping Well: Tips to Overcome Insomnia

Self-Care: Tools and Supplies Build Your Home Health Kit

1930KK Kopy-Kit Price: $90.00