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Working Safety → Safety SkillBuilders

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Safety SkillBuilders

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Engaging quizzes, worksheets and tips to build safety skills in your group.

Safety training doesn't have to be boring. These materials give you a lively, effective way to train your employees in key safety skills. Use these copy-ready pages for structured group training or casual one-on-one teaching. Put quizzes in your staff newsletters and give prizes to the employees with the highest scores. Combine pages to make custom workbooks. Safety SkillBuilders gives you lots of dynamic training possibilities.
96 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
- PDF files (CD-ROM)
- Looseleaf pages with binder (Kopy Kit)


Attitude and Awareness
How Safe Is Your Attitude?
Why Does Safety Matter?
Do You Know What to Do in an Emergency?
Investigating and Reporting an Accident
Recognizing Negative Gender Stereotypes
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Welcoming Diversity in the Workplace
Working With Diversity

Confined Spaces
What Do You Know About Confined Spaces?
Confined Spaces and You Confined Spaces: Your Role
The Hazards of Confined Spaces: Part I
The Hazards of Confined Spaces: Part II
The Entry Permit: Your Ticket to a Confined Space

Fire Safety and Emergency Response
Fire Safety: Understanding the Fire Triangle
What's Your Fire Safety Rating?
Fire Extinguishers: Do You Know Your ABCs?
First Aid: Your First Aid IQ
First Aid: In Case of Shock
First Aid: Burns and Bleeding
Bloodborne Pathogens

What Do You Know About the Hazard Communication Standard?
What Makes a Chemical Hazardous?
What Can You Learn from an MSDS?
What Can You Learn from a Chemical Warning Label?
What Can You Learn from an HMIS Label?
What Can You Learn from an NFPA Diamond?
Properties of Hazardous Materials
Reactivity of Hazardous Materials

Storing Hazardous Chemicals Safely
When Chemicals Don't Get Along
When There's an Emergency Involving Solvents
When There's an Emergency Involving Flammables
When There's an Emergency Involving Corrosives
When There's an Emergency Involving Reactives
A HazCom Quiz

Lifting and Material Handling
Back Basics-How Much Do You Know?
Getting the Most from Your Back
Lifting and Moving Awkward Loads
Using Dollies, Hand Trucks and Powered Hand Trucks
Preventing Common Forklift Accidents
When You Work Around Forklifts
What Do You Know About Loading Dock Safety?

Other Hazards
Are You Plugged into Electrical Safety?
Do You Know What to Do in an Electrical Emergency?
Lockout/Tagout-It's for Your Protection
When There's a Lockout/Tagout: Your Role As an Employee
What Do You Know About Machine Safety?
Machine Safety: Know Your Guards and Devices
Hand and Portable Power Tools-A Safety Checklist
Keeping Yourself Safe from Slips, Trips and Falls
Staying Safe on Ladders and Scaffolds
When the Heat's On-Or the Cold
Are You at Risk for Repetitive Motion Disorders?
Is Your Office Safe?
Workplace Dangers of Alcohol
Workplace Dangers of Illegal Drugs
What Do You Know About Drug Testing?
Defensive Driving-It Takes an Attitude
What Is a Defensive Driver?
Defensive Driving-Know Your Safe Following Distance

Personal Protection
Protecting Yourself from Respiratory Hazards
Protecting Yourself from Hearing Hazards
Protecting Yourself from Eye Hazards
Protecting Yourself from Hand Hazards
Protecting Yourself from Skin Hazards
Protecting Yourself from Head Hazards
Protecting Your Feet from Hazards

Safe at Home
What Do You Know About Home Fire Safety?
Protecting Your Family from Burns
Be Prepared, Weather or Not Protect Against Poisoning
Making Your Home Fallproof
Making Your Home Safe for Children
Gun and Hunting Safety
Don't Be a Crime Victim
What's Your Swimming Safety Score?
Staying Safe on Your Boat
Staying Safe Outdoors
Have a Safe Vacation

Staying Healthy
Recognize the Symptoms of a Heart Attack
Are You at Risk for a Heart Attack?
Making Heart-Healthy Choices
What Happens When You Quit Smoking?
Assess Your Stress
Five-Minute Stress Busters
What's Bothering You?
Anger Inventory What's Your Anger Style?
Practicing Anger Management
Working With Difficult People
Resolving Conflicts: What's Your Style?
Seven Steps to Fair Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution: Assessing the Outcome
A Problem-Solving Worksheet
Getting Around Roadblocks

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