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Substance Abuse → No Ifs, Ands or Butts

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No Ifs, Ands or Butts

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Helpful information on addiction, recovery and coping skills.

Stop-smoking programs are one of the most popular health promotion services offered. Use this kit to help your smokers understand their smoking behavior, roadblocks to quitting and how to handle slips.

32 reproducible looseleaf pages


Smoking Today
Where Do We Stand on Smoking?

The Young and the Hooked

Health Effects of Smoking
How Smoking Affects Your Body

How Smoking Affects Your Mind

Nicotine Addiction: Why Tobacco Is a Habit-Forming Drug

Smokeless Tobacco: Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes

Warning: Smoking Can Kill Your Sex Life

The Effects of Secondhand Smoke

How Smoking Affects Your Unborn Child

Parents Who Smoke: Are You Damaging Your Child's Health?

Quitting the Habit
The Great American Smokeout: Could This Be the First Day of a Life Without Tobacco?

It's Time to Stop Smoking: Some Tips on How to Quit

One Smoke-Free Day at a Time: Behavior Modification Techniques

If You Quit Using Tobacco Cold Turkey

Self-Help Groups for Smokers

Withdrawing From Nicotine
The Nicotine Patch: Will It Work for You?
Relapse Happens

What About Weight Gain?

Coping With Cravings: Deep Breathing

Coping With Cravings: Relaxation

Coping With Cravings: Exercise

Worksheets andamp; Posters
Why Do You Still Smoke?

Why I Want to Quit Smoking

Smoking Diary

My 30-Day Reward Plan

Choosing Alternatives

First Weeks Checklist

I'm Ready for Anything

What Happens When You Drink

What Happens When You Quit Smoking (poster)

The Great American Smokeout (poster)

101 Ways to Cope With Cravings (poster)

1640KK Kopy-Kit Price: $45.00