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Youth Wellness → Student Assistance: Resource for Troubled Youth

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Student Assistance: Resource for Troubled Youth

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Education tools for those working with at-risk teens and young adults.

Designed especially for at-risk teens and young adults, these copy-ready pages cover the health issues young people need to know about. Use the material to inform readers and start discussions on key subjects, such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, eating disorders, sex and STDs, depression and dozens of other healthier living topics. A special section for parents is also included.

98 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
-pdf files (CD-ROM)
-looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)


Chemical Dependency
Young Men, Drinking andamp; Drugs

Young Women, Drinking andamp; Drugs

How Alcohol or Drug Abuse Affects the Family

Living in an Alcoholic Home

The Hidden Danger of Cross-Dependency

Is Alcoholism in My Genes?

Getting Clean and Sober

Feeling Good About Yourself

Sobriety Is a Way of Life

Eating for Sobriety

Relapse and Returning to Sobriety

12 Steps for Teens

What to Expect From Residential Treatment

Coming Home: Life After Treatment

Drug Testing

Steroids, Sports and Athletic Performance

Eating Disorders
Fear of Food: Understanding Eating Disorders

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa


Getting Help for Eating Disorders

Becoming a Healthy Eater

Understanding Eating Triggers:

When Best Intentions Fail

Why Tobacco Is a Habit-Forming Drug

Smokeless Tobacco

When It's Time to Quit Smoking

If You Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Self-Help Groups for Smokers

Staying Smoke-Free-One Day at a Time

Life as a Former Smoker

Giving Up Cigarettes Without Gaining Pounds

Facts About Drugs



Crack Cocaine

Designer Drugs







Over-the-Counter Drugs

PCP/Angel Dust





Drug Terminology

Body andamp; Mind
Facts About AIDS

When a Friend Has AIDS

When a Loved One Has AIDS

What You Should Know About STDs

Safe Sex Lessens the Risk of STDs

Choosing Abstinence

Birth Control Choices

Pregnancy! Now What?

Being a Teenage Parent

Building a Positive Self-Image

Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress

Understanding andamp; Accepting Anger

Healthy Steps for Releasing Anger

To Grieve Well Is to Heal Well

Understanding Depression

The Warning Signs of Suicide
Relieving Depression

The Greatest Love of All

How Do You Know If You're Gay?

Incest-A Violation of a Child's Trust

When Violence Touches You

When Violence Touches Loved Ones

Getting Help for the Addicted Family

Addiction Is a Family Affair

Domestic Violence

The Invisible Child Abuse

Coping With Change
Blending Families

Living With Divorce

Losing a Loved One

Moving to a New School

Getting Married-Is It the Right Decision?

Parents' Information
Teens, Drinking andamp; Drugs

Recovering Families

The Addicted Teenager: What Parents Can Do

Living With Teens

Being There for Your Teenager

Troubled Teens

Talking to Your Kids About Alcohol

Talking to Your Kids About Drug Abuse

Talking to Your Kids About Personal Safety

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Talking to Your Kids About Smoking

Talking to Your Kids About Violence

Talking to Your Kids About Nutrition

Talking to Your Kids About Stress

Talking to Your Kids About AIDS


1620CD CD-ROM Price: $135.00 
1620KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00