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Substance Abuse → People and Problems

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People and Problems

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Ready resources on a myriad of human problems.

This popular employee assistance kit is one of the best values around. Be prepared for the wide range of human problems you are asked to help with by having these ready resources on hand. This is a comprehensive collection of materials on chemical dependency, eating disorders, mental and emotional health, interpersonal relationships, dealing with change and more. Use the pages in newsletters, workshops or one-on-one sessions.

160 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
- pdf files (CD-ROM)
- looseleaf with binder (Kopy Kit)


Chemical Dependency
Use or Abuse? Diagnosing Dependency

Men, Drinking andamp; Drugs

Women, Drinking andamp; Drugs

Teens, Drinking andamp; Drugs

Families, Drinking andamp; Drugs

Recovering Families

Children of Alcoholics

Cross-Dependency: The Hidden Danger

Understanding Codependency

The Dry Drunk: A Hazard to the Nonusing Alcoholic

Is Alcoholism Inherited?

Sobriety: Cleaning Up Your Act

Sober Self-Image: Building Self-Esteem

Living Sober: Tips for Maintenance

Recognizing Relapse: When Best Intentions Fail

Relapse andamp; Recovery

Sound Eating for Sober Living

Residential Treatment Programs: What to Expect

Aftercare: Life After Treatment

Drug Testing

Nicotine Addiction: Why Tobacco Is a Habit-Forming Drug

Smokeless Tobacco: Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes

It's Time to Stop Smoking: Some Tips on How to Quit

If You Quit Smoking Cold Turkey: What to Expect

Self-Help Groups for Smokers: With a Little Help From Your Friends

One Smoke-Free Day at a Time: Behavior Modification Techniques

Life After Cigarettes: Avoiding Smoker's Relapse

No More Cigarettes, No More Pounds

Smoking Diary

Other Addictions
Eating Disorders: An Overview

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders: When Food Becomes a Problem

Anorexia Nervosa


Understanding Eating Triggers: Obstacles to Recovery

Are You a Workaholic?

Working Well: Overcoming Workaholism

Are You a Compulsive Gambler? Recognizing the Syndrome

Addicted to Love

Sexual Addiction: Diagnosing the Syndrome

Is Debt Dragging You Down? Recognizing the Syndrome

Overcoming Shopaholism: Sensible Spending

Credit Mania: Plastic Fantastic

Responsible Credit: Credit Management

Facts About Drugs



Crack Cocaine

Designer Drugs






Over-the-Counter Drugs

PCP/Angel Dust





Drug Terminology

Body andamp; Mind
AIDS Answers: Dispelling Myths

When a Coworker Has HIV/AIDS: Tips for Support

When a Loved One Has HIV/AIDS: Tips for Support

Safe Sex: How to Reduce the Risk of STDs

PMS: Tips for Coping

Healthy Lifestyle: Elements of Living Well

Becoming a Healthy Eater

Safety Attitude: Daily Awareness of Safety and Security

Behavior Change: Changing for the Better

Being Your Best: A Mental Health Overview

Understanding Common Phobias: What Are You Afraid of?

Self-Esteem: Building a Positive Self-Image

Post-Traumatic Stress: Understanding the Syndrome

How to Avoid Burnout: Awareness and Tips

Say Something Positive: How Self-Talk Affects Your Attitude

Learning to Love: Tips for Loving Yourself

Setting Goals: Tips for Realistic Goal Setting

How to Set Priorities

Decision Making

Expect the Best: Setting Realistic Expectations

Assertiveness: Saying "Yes," Saying "No"

Understanding Anger: Cause and Effects

Good Grief: Moving Toward Acceptance

Depression: Understanding the Disorder


Holiday Blues: How to Survive the Holidays

Getting the Most From Your Leisure Time

Understanding Guilt: Cause and Effects

Learn to Laugh: It May Be the Best Medicine

Legal Troubles: Common Situations
Finding and Using Legal Help: A Resource Guide
Financial Planning: Why You Need It

How to Budget: Strategies

Personal Budget Worksheet

Interpersonal Relationships
Intimacy: If You Love Yourself, It Works

Making Yourself Understood: Here's a Way to Do It Better

Feeling Good About Child Care: Guidelines for Choosing What's Best

How to Protect Your Children: Guarding Against Child Neglect and Abuse

Helping Children to Protect Themselves

The Invisible Child Abuse: How to Spot Emotional Assault

Being There for Your Teenager: How to Keep Communication Honest

The Single Parent Challenge: What You Need, What You Get

Troubled Teens: What to Expect, What to Do

Talking to Your Kids About Alcohol: When 'Social Drinking' Becomes Addiction

Talking to Your Kids About Drug Abuse: Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Talking to Your Kids About Personal Safety: Avoiding Accidents and Crime
Talking to Your Kids About Sex: Honesty Is the Best Policy

Talking to Your Kids About Smoking: They Can Break the Habit Before It Starts

Talking to Your Kids About Violence

Talking to Your Kids About Nutrition: Getting Beyond Junk Food

Talking to Your Kids About Stress

Talking to Your Kids About AIDS: Education Can Help Protect Them

Incest: Understanding the Unimaginable

When Violence Touches You: Common Stresses and Solutions

When Violence Touches Loved Ones: Common Stresses and Solutions

Violence at Work

Dealing With Death at Work

The Addicted Teenager: What Parents Can Do

Step-Families: Blending the Familiar With the New

Addicted Families: Understanding and Getting Help

Family Communication: Keeping the Love Lines Open

Feeling Good About Each Other: Communication Keeps Relationships Fresh

Now Hear This! The Other Half of Clear Communication

Eldercare: Being a Caregiver

Deciding to Be a Caregiver: Eldercare

Finding Quality Eldercare: Resources and Referrals

Understanding the Cycle of Abuse

Help for Abused Women: Making the Change

Domestic Violence: An Overview

Difficult People: You Can Deal With Them

Coping With Change
The Jekyll and Hyde Years: Tips for Parents of Teens

Expecting a Baby? Expect Some Changes

New Parent Stress: Know What to Expect

The Change of Life: Coping With the Effects of Menopause

Is That All There Is? Managing Midlife Crisis

Empty Nest Syndrome: What It Is and How to Cope

Living With Divorce: Surviving the Changes in Your Life

Divorce and the Family: How to Help the Kids

When a Loved One Dies: Coping With Loss

Your New Job: Solutions for Common Stresses

Your New Home

Getting Married: Joyful, Stressful, Manageable

Planning for Your Future Retirement

Young at Heart: Enjoying Your Golden Years

Coping With Chronic Illness: Strategies for Patients

A Loved One Is Chronically Ill: Tips for Caregivers

Goodbye-Hello: Tips About Relocation

You've Been Laid Off! Coping With Job Loss

Reorganization: How to Go With the Flow

I'm So Happy, Why Am I So Stressed? The Ups and Downs of Promotion

Job Transfer: A Change Could Be Good

When You Become the Boss: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Office Dating: Is It a Good Idea?

Workplace Sexual Harassment: What It Is, What to Do

Corporate Growth: Maintaining the Personal Touch

New Responsibilities: Making Your Own Opportunities

Computer Literacy: Tips for Taming the Machine

Tips for Successful Shift Work


1610CD CD-ROM Price: $180.00 
1610KK Kopy-Kit Price: $180.00