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General Health → Weight Management

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Weight Management

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An ideal resource for weight management and general health promotion.

This kit contains resources for a complete weight management information program, including articles on eating triggers, meal planning, food labels and tips on preparing tasty, low-fat meals.

This kit is one section of the more comprehensive Stress, Heart Health and Weight Management Kopy Kit, which is also available in CD-ROM format.

46 reproducible looseleaf pages - with binder
Are You Ready To Lose Weight?
Why Chronic Dieting Doesn't Work

Weight-How Much Is Too Much?

Overweight or Overfat?

Are Some People Born To Be Fat?

Should You Put Your Kids on a Diet?

The Power of "Conscious Eating"

Avoiding Weight Ups and Downs

Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Can You Really Eat More and Weigh Less?

Beware of Super-Strict Eating Plans

Reading Food Labels

The Food Guide Pyramid

Fat-Free Foods

Fake Fats

Sugar Substitutes
Fat Makes You Fat

Fiber andamp; Weight Loss

Fat Facts

Choosing a Commercial Diet Program

Fasting or Liquid Diets

Fat Gram Chart

Menu Planner

Food andamp; Exercise Diary

Anorexia Nervosa


Changing Your Relationship To Food

Eating Triggers

Using a Food Diary

Curbing Your Sweet Tooth

Overcoming Binge Eating

Overcoming Backsliding
Dealing With Feelings

Teaching Your Body To Burn More Calories

Snacking for Weight Control

When Others Pressure You To Eat

Weight Control During the Holidays

Dining Out Tips for Dieters

Ethnic Eating Guide

Why You Should Drink More Water

Eating Lessons From the Past

"Diet" Foods That Spell Disaster

10 Tips for Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Great Grains

Beans and Legumes

When You Choose Beef

1603KK Kopy-Kit Price: $90.00