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Working Safety → Warehousing and Storage Safety

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Warehousing and Storage Safety

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Tight quarters, awkward loads and heavy machinery - Help warehouse workers work safely.

The unique conditions of warehouse and storage work need special safety training. Especially designed for facilities where goods are received, stored or shipped, this kit covers important warehouse safety issues such as forklift operations, material handling, conveyor systems, dock levelers, protective clothing and equipment. Also included are pages with defensive driving tips for delivery drivers.
96 reproducible pages available in 2 formats:
- PDF files (CD-ROM)
- Looseleaf pages with binder (Kopy Kit)


Safety Basics 1-21
Setting the Tone for Safety

Safety Meetings Work

Attitude is Everything

What Is Ergonomics?

Accidents Cost Everyone

On-the-Job Injuries: Fact andamp; Fiction

The Leading Causes of On-The-Job Injuries

Do the Right Thing Even If "They" Don't

Horseplay Is No Joke

Fire Extinguishers: Which One Should You Choose?

Fire Safety in Stores

Fire Safe in the Office

A Tragedy of Errors

A Dangerous Habit

Safety Matters-Even in an Office

Reading Material Safety Data Sheets

Understanding HazMat Warning Labels

The ABCs of Chemical Exposure

Chemical Spills and Leaks

Storing Incompatible Chemicals

Keeping the Lid on Flammable Liquids

Preventing Injuries 22-47
Personal Protective Equipment in the Warehouse

Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Using Your Hands

Respirators Defend Your Lungs

Air-Purifying Respirators

Back Support

What You Can Do To Protect Your Hearing

Refueling Your Forklift

Forklift Batteries and Battery Acid
Working Safely with Hand and Portable Power Tools

Box Cutter Safety
Avoiding Finger, Hand and Wrist Injuries

Don't Get Caught

Electricity On the Job

Choosing and Using Ladders

Giving Back Strains andamp; Sprains The Slip

The Mechanics Of Lifting

Lifting Awkward Loads

Basic Back-Saving Tips

Exercises to Prevent Back Pain

Back Fitness for People Who Sit

Self-Care Tips for Sore Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Self-Care Tips for Backache and Stiff Neck

Falling Down on the Job Can Leave You Flat

Slips and Falls

Sprains, Strains and Muscle Spasms

Warehouse Operations 48-81
Meet Your Forklift

Driving and Operating Your Forklift

Loading and Unloading Your Forklift

Carbon Monoxide and Your Forklift

A Forklift Safety Check List

Working Around Forklifts

Staying on the Safe Side of Dollies and Hand Trucks

Powered Hand Trucks

Move That Load Safely

Proper Pallet Use

Stack It Right: Lumber Handling and Piling

Stack It Right: Piping and Related Material

Know Your Storage Safety

Know Your Conveyor System

Staying on the Safe Side of Floor Mats and Runners

The Safe Handling and Cleanup of Broken Glass

Working Safely on Loading Docks

Dock Levelers
Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints

A Failure to Communicate
Packing and Balancing the Load

Do You Think-and Drive-Defensively?

Backing Up When There's No Other Way

How Your Moods Affect Your Driving

If You Have an Accident

Avoiding The "Second Collision"

Tailgating: One of the Deadliest Risks on the Road

What Not to Do in a Skid

Special Hazards: Two-wheelers, Joggers, the Disabled and the Elderly

Vans and Straight Trucks

Receiving: Doing It Right the First Time

Cargo Security

Cooling Off Hot Customers

The Bill of Lading

Warehouse Teamwork 82-96
Just How Far Does Honesty Go at Work?

Honesty Is Our Policy

Employee Involvement in Loss Prevention

Do-It-Yourself Security Audit for Employees

Truthfulness to Ourselves

Team Up for Safety

Quality: A Team Commitment

Using Positive Peer Pressure

Welcoming Diversity in the Workplace

Your Contribution as a Problem-Solver

You Are a "Key" Person

Workers' Compensation Use and Abuse

Sexual Harassment: Recognizing and Reacting

Alcoholism: Someone at Work Has a Problem

Coworkers in Recovery

1510CD CD-ROM Price: $135.00 
1510KK Kopy-Kit Price: $135.00